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    Quote Originally Posted by SailRace
    If you guys really hate sprint that much, move on, stop *****ing, and go get some other phone. You can buy all the razrs and rockrs and everything else to your hearts content with another service. The wonder of this country, is that you have a choice. So go outside, breathe, and excersize your right to choose.

    1) Last with thin phones - hardly....anyone remember the Sanyo 6000 series thin phones. Sprint was actually first. And most people feel the the A-900 is far superior to the Moto Razr also.
    2) Last with Treo release... how quickly we forget every other treo out there, and how long Sprint was the only on with a 650. Short term memory much.
    3) EVDO was developed almost simultaneously with Verizon. And if you don't have an EVDO phone yet anyway, who cares. Sprints EVDO coverage is now at least as good, if not bette than verizons. Last is a bit of a misnomer anyway, consdering there are only 2 carriers with 3g data capability.
    4) Sprint was one of hte first with RL features. Nextel obvisouly pioneered it, and while sprint didn't advertise much, they've had readylink for years.

    Seems to me you ought ot make sure you know what you're talking about before you go mouthing off about Sprint. But as i said, if you hate it, Verizons got some nice new 700P's available. Don't let the door hit you......
    Great post. Sorry Lukas. LOL
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    I wasn't really trying to bash on anyone. I'm just tired of all the Sprint Vs Verizon vs GSM crap that's cluttered up this forum. Obviously people have personal preferences. Obviously there are difference in service. Try one, try the other, try GSM if you want. Find out what you like and need, see if you can afford it, and make a choice. There's no need to come on here and shoot down others opinions and choices. But if you get screwed, don't come complaining either. Take responsibility for the choice you made, and make peace. Like i said, choice is what makes this such a great country.

    I like Sprint. I've been a sprint user since 1998, and have had probalby 15 different phones during that period. Every time my contract is up or a phone dies, i look into other services....but you know what, for me Sprint is the best option. Their customer service has alwasy taken very very good care of me, their pricing is always far better than anyone elses, and i ahve been able to get the phones that i want. Maybe you can't, so don't choose sprint.....but i would almost guarantee that you cannot show me a plan on another provider that comes close to matching what sprint has done for me.

    Make your choice and move on....that's all i'm saying.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dutchtrumpet
    It's OK BIll...I am a nerd
    I know that's why I said it, it was halfway a joke. But wow to delete that on here, now that's funny!
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