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    Ok so I got my new treo today, first thing I did after activating it was to pair my Sony HBH662 headset.
    The problem, and I am currious if anyone else that has theres is having, is does the treo drop the headset when you are on a call?
    Mine will just randomly drop back to the phone, I hit the button and it picks it back up but it does seem kind of weird that it is doing this.
    Otherwise I am quite happy with the phone!! Except that Launcher X no longer works. Anybody know of a launcher that will manage apps on a card and have them in the launcher window?
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    Do you mean that while on a call -- the phone will drop using the bluetooth headset for the call and start using the handset mic and earpiece?

    Forgive me for asking -- but are you touching the Treo when this happens -- like the screen to accidentally activate or request the switch?

    Sounds very funky to me.

    Of course -- what do I know -- I am one, on Sprint and two, still only have a 650.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Not touching the phone or the headset, does it when the phone is right by me or if I walk away, by the way the range is greatly improved!!!!!!
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    A friend drove 60 miles to rub his new VZW 700p in my face. Oddly enuf he was having the same problem with a Motorola HS850 I think. It did work perfectly fine when we paired it with Scala 500 tho. So let's see if anyone else has similar problems.
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    That is kind of what I thought I am going to try a different headset when I get to work in the morning we will see how that goes.
    Maybe if people can post the headsets that they are having probs with and the ones that they are not would be helpful.
    And EVDO is fast on this sucker!!!
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    Try Z Launcher.
    The pic is of my 4-year old big boy with Benny the Bull at a Bulls game

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    I am going to look at that. does it manage your cards like Launcher X?
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    I've never used Launcher X, but based on your requirements Z Launcher does what you seem to need it to do. Very reliable app (at least on the 650!). I never had a problem with resets and it is very easy to use. One cool feature about Z Launcher is anything on the card can be managed just like the other programs (pics, MP3s, etc). You can also change the menu background to a jpeg. Here's a link to the page on
    The pic is of my 4-year old big boy with Benny the Bull at a Bulls game

    Baby girl due 5/22/08!

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