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    I have a Treo 650 Cingular branded and when turn on the phone with a Cingular SIM card the phone says "Phone Cannot Work With This Sim Card." My SIM card is active (it works fine in other Treos) and I tried other makes of Cingular SIM cards in this Treo. Can anybody help me?
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    Does the phone itself (on the upper left hand corner) say Cingular?

    If it is blank and does not say Cingular, it is a AT&T phone which requires unlocking.

    You can also check your phone info to see if it display a CNB ROM
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    The phone does say Cingular in the upper left. What is a CNB ROM? What will "shimming" down with paper do?
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    CNB = Cingular Blue (AT&T)
    CNG = Cingular Rom

    and by shimming paper, it means that you should fold a piece of paper, thickening the Sim Card slot, to make better contact with the phone

    where did you buy the phone?
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    please do not PM me w/ questions

    keep all questions here
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    eBay from a cellular phone store. Everything appears new and they had good feedback. I am waiting to hear back from them.

    If the phone is CNB and I am using CNG do I need to unlock it?
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    Is there anyway to get a free unlock? What about the $17.99 on eBay?
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    from the main dial screen, hit the option button, go to Options -> then phone info

    What does the software say?
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    Treo 650-1.17-CNB
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    Looks like is is CNB (AT&T?). If I unlock is there any disadvantage to running CNA on a CNB phone? Could I connect to the wrong network and pay roaming?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Running Andrew
    Treo 650-1.17-CNB


    Just as I suspected.

    From all my experience, when the phone says " "Phone Cannot Work With This Sim Card." it means the phone is LOCKED (and needs unlocking)

    When it says "Check your SIM Card" -it means a bad radio.

    Here is what happend (if it is true in the case that you said the phone casing has the Cingular Logo on it):

    The phone is a refurb. He simply used a Cingular shell and is using the AT&T motherboard.

    Not an issue however. If you have been with Cingular for over 90 days, call them and ask for the unlock code on the unit.

    Oh and Yes the ebay seller unlock service works just fine.

    Not a big deal...imo
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    Quote Originally Posted by Running Andrew
    Looks like is is CNB (AT&T?). If I unlock is there any disadvantage to running CNA on a CNB phone? Could I connect to the wrong network and pay roaming?

    no, its actually better if you unlock the unit. This way you will be free to use the phone on any carrier (including prepaid sims)

    And as long as you are not roaming, then no roaming fees will occur.

    An Unlocked unit sells for more on ebay also.

    Get that sucker unlocked!
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    Hey Trim 81, thanks for your help. Sorry about the PM - I am new here. Is it bad to have a refurb? Should I push him for a return or run with it?
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    well, before we call him a liar... are you CERTAIN the phone case has a Cingular logo?

    With an AT&T unit, you will also see the Cingular branding inside the phone (Cingular Jack Logo) but will not see any Cingular wording on the outside phone shell.

    And btw, a refurb is just as good as a new long as it works

    Just keep it and unlock it.

    Congrats on your new phone
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    I am positive that is says Cingular on the front. Oh well - I hope is work upon the unlock. Is there any difference between the radio on the CNB and CNA that you know of?
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    No difference in the radio w/ firmware.

    Treos only have 2 revisions. A Hardware A amd a Hardware B (this is a whole different story all together)

    As a matter of fact, most would prefer DE-BRANDING the phone...removing all the stupid Cingular Junked Software (such express mail? Is that what you call it?) ..I know I would

    Again, congrats on the phone.
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    I am off to unlock. Thanks again!!!

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