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    This is for all those folks who know a lot more than me about technical stuff and what it means.

    1. I know a call comes through while surfing but can you actually take that call while surfing?

    2. I know they say the phone can stream. Does that mean I can go to and click on "listen" and here the broadcast? Currently, I have to use shoutcast to listen to an Indy station.

    3. I know you can record calls but is there a limit on how long?

    4. Will we still have a limit on email size?

    5. Will evdo automatically kick in or do we have to change plans? I have unlimited vision now. And if we don't officially change to an evdo plan, will the phone just connect like the 650?

    6. Is the bluetooth improved for better pairing? I've had bluetooth blues with the 650.

    7.Will the speaker be more clear?

    8. Will we still need Volume Care?
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    1. NO
    2. Maybe
    3. How much memory do you have?
    4. YEah
    5. You have to change it
    6. NO
    7. No
    8. yeah
    I have a lot to say but I dont want to get banned...AGAIN!!
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    #8. I say NO
    Cingular 680
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    1. To clarify, you will be able to TAKE the call, but you won't be able to continue surfing.
    6. A number of people have claimed that the Bluetooth is more solid. Still, however, there are a number of compatibility bugs with headsets. You will have to do your research first. I also expect a firmware update will fix a lot of these issues.
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    5. It depends on who activates your phone. I was not forced to change my Vision plan and the phone works fine with EVDO. I have verified this with numerous calls to Sprint and no one has mentioned additional charges. We'll see with the next bill.
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    I was not forced to change my Vision plan either, but look here's my bill - I'm charged for Power Vision and I've lost my unlimited Vision plan (even though the other 2 phones on the account are non-PV phones). Time to make the call and return the phone.
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    !. On my VZW 700p, when a call comes in while I'm surfing it goes directly to voicemail. When the caller leaves a message it resets the phone. So much for improvements...

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