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    I was hoping someone can help me out here, Sprint techs can't solve this. I have a Treo 650 and live in NH, my phone works fine in NH or surrounding NE states like CT and MA (I'm on a national plan, Sprint verified this). I travel to Colorado and all incoming calls get diverted directly to voice mail. I'm in the Sprint area, 4 bars of signal, and vision service works fine. I can call out and retrieve voicemail no problem, just no incoming calls go through. I called Sprint while in CO and after 1.5 hrs of them trying to fix it I was told a trouble ticket was issued and I'd receive a call back, I laughed and said how would I get the call! No call back. I come back to NH and my phone works perfectly. My next trip to Florida and same problem, no incoming calls, everything to voice mail. I just got off the phone with a Sprint tech and I'm totally frustrated with them, I was told since they cannot duplicate the problem (because I'm back in NH) I need to call back from an area where the problem occurs. I've already done that and when they issue a trouble ticket I'm already back before anyone returns the call. I suppose I can try to get to a Sprint store when I'm back to CO (trip in 2 wks) and let them try and figure it out. I run a large tech service group and not getting my calls through is a huge PITA.

    Anyone have any ideas whats going on with the phone?
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    Under Phone go to Phone Preferences, make sure that digital Roaming is checked, call forwarding is Off and Location Privacy and Short DTMF Tones are unchecked. TTY/TDD should be Off.

    In Menu go to Preferences and look at Network. You should be on PCS Vision and not Provisioning.

    Then, make sure your firmware is 1.13 and dial star 2 and ask them to update your prl.

    If none of this works, see if they'll exchange your phone.
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    Try when travling from city to city a *18 This activates call delivery to your phone. So try this and let me know if it works. As soon as you land and power up your mobile push *18 and talk. You just hear confirmations tones it will end the call automatically. It should work.

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    Eyedeas..the digital roaming was not checked, would that matter is I am showing 4 bars of Sprint service and vision works? I checked and all the other settings are as you describe, except I'm on firmware 1.12.

    flarp...thanks for that tip, I'll give it a try. I have not heard of #18 code before.

    If all else fails I will go to a Sprint store in CO. and let them look at it while the problem is occuring. I don't believe the phone is bad because I had to replace it (cracked the screen) inbetween trips and both did the same thing.

    Thanks for the suggestions, I'll post back the results when I am in CO, got a trip coming up on the 12th.

    The thing that got me a little heated with Sprint was they did nothing but try calling me and said it seems to work fine. I explained it is only when I'm out of my area and two different phones had this issue. I asked if settings could be off and they said it was not settings, account or network issues and they could not issue a trouble ticket because their call went thru. The tech actually verified notes from my call while in CO. and agreed while there I couldn't receive calls, but still said my phone seemed ok now. The he told me to take it to a store, but they would probably say the same thing. I was about to go ballistic so I ended the call.
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