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    I have a client with a Treo 650.

    Versamail is set-up to POP3 his company email (

    He wants his messages left on the company server so that his computer's email app will also access the email. He also does NOT want email he deletes off of his Treo to be deleted off of the server.

    So I set it up easy enough.

    However, Versamail keeps re-downloading all of the messages off of the server. Causing duplicates. Causing time waste. Etc.

    I tried using Chatteremail but ran into difficulties (the nice gentleman over there said IMAP is preferred for the amount of email this client encounters week to the hundreds).

    Any advice?

    Also of note is that the Treo 650 itself seems to keep resetting automatically. I think that could be causing this. But all of the mail settings remain the same after the reset and all of the mail messages are still there apres the reset.

    I am sure there is a simple solution to this. So I look forward greatly to someone out here pointing it out to me.

    Thanks in advance.
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    SnapperMail will allow a Pop3 user to delete messages on the device, leave them on the server and not download them again.
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    ChatterEmail also allows with POP the downloading and deleting on Treo only or both option. What difficulties are you having?

    As for IMAP, it is really the way to go. I use ChatterEmail and Fastmail. One active mail box, the INBOX and bunches of off-line mail boxes that I move mail to via the Treo during the day for whatever reason that happens along. IMAP's ability to keep you organized and its real-time ability to interact are its real asset.

    If I want access to an email in one of the off-line mail boxes, I sync for a given number of days. It really works and works great. I can move things around, delete and have the deletion saved to a specified folder on the server for later reivew, it's just great. With IMAP, what is on the server is what is on my Treo 650 and my desk top and the lap top.

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