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    If anyone out there has any advice, it would be most appreciated.

    In the last couple of days, my 650 (Rogers, unlocked -- paid full price, currently used on Fido/Microcell) has starting acting up on me. (I've had my Treo for about 8 - 10 months, now... very few problems thus far, other than the occasional "hang", usually solved by a soft reset.)

    The problem is intermittent (though increasing in frequency) white screen of death, or, even stranger, a screen that fades slowly to either all-white, or blue with streaks.

    I've observed this happening during various separate operations, such as:

    1. During a "get" in VersaMail;

    2. When plugging in the power supply;

    3. When reading an incoming SMS; or

    4. Simply receiving a phone call (just happened a minute ago!).

    I've tried soft and hard resets, with no improvement. In addition, the resets are difficult, as often, the 650 doesn't respond at all.

    The "improvised" fix that works once out of every 5 times is to remove the battery, and replace it.

    I've cleaned the battery contacts. In addition, it seems to hold its charge (I'm a cellphone power-user, so I've seen my fair share of batteries die out on me... this doesn't resemble a battery on its last mile.)

    In short... my 650 is my life (sad, but true!)... please help!

    Thanks to all!

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    I have the same problem too! I thought it was because I dropped it one too many times. I wonder if it doesn't reset more often during hot days. I am still trying to figure it out. I have performed a hard reset, reinstalled the OS and reinstalled all my apps, but no success.
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    The samething happened to my last 650, luckily my phone was still under warranty...
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    Oddly enough, if the screen dies while I am talking on the phone, I can keep talking. I can't hang up though, I end up pulling out the battery.

    If I can find a Torx 5, I will take mine apart to see if there isn't something loose.
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    Thanks for the input... which is actually a lot more pertinent than you might think! I'm in Montreal... where our climate is typical East-coast (similar to NYC, just colder). My 650 started acting up in the last few days... which coincides with warmer weather. After talking with a couple of "tekkie" friends, they all seem to agree that it's a hardware problem. In addition, I've had the same situation occur... my phone did go kooky on me during phone conversations... which I was able to finish... but once it's over... that's it!

    For the record... yes, I did drop my phone a couple of times (any anyone who says they've never dropped their phone has either (a) never used it, or (b) deep-rooted denial problems!)... but not in the last few months. The problems started way after that.

    Basically, my 650 is in cell-phone ICU... I'll keep everyone informed as to the results.

    Thanks again!


    p.s.: Scripps... what's a "Torx 5"? Just curious.
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    Torx 5 is the type/size of screwdriver you need to open a Treo. The screw looks like a star. There is a good video on how to open your phone (if you want to try checking for loose connections) at

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