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    whats there policy if down the line another Treo version comes out for Sprint and I want to get it, will they let me switch phones but keep the original contract or will I get penalized?

    Also, same holds true for Verizon, I have an order with them for the 700p, whats there policy if down the road I want to change Treo's?

    Tried searching but couldn't find anything like this. Thanks in advance!
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    They could care less how many times you upgrade... as long as you stay with them. All you have to do is swap out your phone and you are good..
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    Yep most carriers that I know of will let you switch the phone as many times as you want just about. It's only once every so often when your contract is up that you get the discount. If you want to buy a new phone in between at full price you can do that pretty much anytime, or buy one of ebay or something and use it too.

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