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    I just ordered my Verizon Treo 700P today and it will be at my doorstep on Friday!!! I know Verizon is expensive but I caught a little bit of a break with the corporate discount my company offers. I got the phone for $359 and I am getting 19% off my monthly service. I will post pics and a review on Friday.

    I think this is a good time to take stock of the programs I have on my 650 and decide what I actually want on my 700P. I know I have a tendency to download applications and use them only once.
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    Just to add a little color to the situation, I tried to order the phone on Tuesday and Verizon said it was sold out. Apparently, they cannot take orders when a phone is sold out but they told me they were expecting more to be delivered to their warehouse on Wednesday and that they could take orders then. I called on Wednesday and voila, Treo is scheduled to be delivered on Friday. I will let you guys know if I get snubbed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by digitalnap
    I will post pics and a review on Friday.
    Please do.
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    Mine is on the Fedex truck as I write this. Will unpack and activate tonight, so hopefully I can post a pic of a real live Verizon Treo 700p for all the naysayers.
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    we all believe. just tell us new stuff DUN? native mp3 ringers? hows the blazer?

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