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    According to our Sprint rep, Sprint will probably not offically support Macs in long term for any product. They will leave it to 3rd parties to support Mac. Meaning no official support from Sprint (developing support structure costs are too high for only 5% of market), but they are allowing Mac to be supported by others.
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    Give Mark/Space some time... They'll figure it out.
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    I think they updated the site. I spoke with Palm this morning and they said that they were going to update the site.

    Palm tech support said that it will work on a Mac using notifymai'ls WirelessModem.prc which is $35.

    I have an old free version that I'll try when I get the 700 and post back
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    Thanks for that! I seem to remember using Wireless Modem with my 600. With the 650, I've been able to use the BT DUN with no additional software (using a 12" powerbook). My hope would be that Bluetooth continues to work without any additional software with the 700P (slower than wired, but so convenient for occasional use). That said, sounds like whether using BT or wired, they will know.

    If the basic powervision plan includes 40 megs PAM/month, AND it maxes out at $70/ month, that may be a great compromise for those (like me) who occasionally have heavier months of travel, but for the most part, don't need it every month...
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    Hey PDADOC, no prob.

    A few thoughts:

    1. BT DUN will work on the 700p from everyone I've talked to, just slower. Now the reality is that DUN on the 650 over Vision is about 33.6,m so if we are getting 200-300k over BT I think that we'll still be happy.

    2. It burns my *** to pay the same price for something that does not have full functionality. I am so f'in sick of this windows/mac crap. I waste more time trying to get things to work that are not supported. You know what? Apple needs to make a damn phone ( and then bye bye to Palm for me.

    3. Off of my soap box now. If you signup now, you can get PAM for $40 month UNLIMITED. I don't have the phone yet, but I called and asked them to document it in my account, so that when I get the phone if the special is over I have something to back it up.

    In summary, BT DUN should be cool, juat a bit upset.
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    Sounds good.... and I agree... if Apple ever does put out that elusive phone, it will be amazing. Apple generally just "does it right" (my first mac upgrade was from a 512KE to mac plus around 1985). I suspect that's why we don't have a mac phone yet... they'd rather put nothing out than put out the wrong or insufficient technology.

    I just looked back and see that I actually paid for Wireless Modem when I had a 600!
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    I tried the Wireless modem on a macbook pro and it crashed. I think BT is the way to go. It is slower but faster than what we had.
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