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    OK, I have to admit when I first read that 5/28 was the day, I was in Circuit City later and found myself at the Verizon counter trying to see if it looked like my skinned Treo holster would fit the 700W they had on display. Then this week when I knew there was no way I wasn't going to be breaking down my Sprint store's door Sunday morning I started looking for a skin case. Much to my dismay, even though the rasied portions of my 650 skin case that cover the buttons are completely smooth all the 700W skin cases I looked at had embossed images of the buttons they were covering. I dropped my 600 the first day I had it so I am paranoid about not having a skin case so I just ordered the cheapest 700w case I could find on eBay even if it does have the wrong button pictures.

    Boxwave is now selling a 700p skin case but the pictures still show the embossed Windows button images. I also noticed they added some stupid slits in the back so you can use it on an armband now. Boxwave used to be my favorite brand because they offered more colors but I'm not sure I like the direction they've gone. I did order another screen protector from them though since those Clear Touch crystals are the best.

    So am I alone in my madness of pre-accessorising??
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    I've already ordered a JavoEdge skin case and ShieldZone full body invisible shield for my 700P. Just need to find a good holster / pouch now. The Smartphone Expert P7 looks good.
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    I've ordered a Vaja T7 case. It is inevitable that I will drop the 700p so I decided to pay up for the Vaja. It is a great looking case and it will provide great protection. Also, the silver metallic paint on my 650 has literally worn away from normal use - the vaja should protect the 700p.
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    Any good places to buy (non-cr*p) accessories in the SF bay area? Obviously I don't expect to find 700p specific stuff yet, but 700w stuff would work in most cases.

    Maybe the Palm store in SF? It'd be great to look at some cases, a cradle, some cut to fit screen protectors.

    Or do I have to go online?
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    You guys might want to check into the palm referral program. I referred myself with the serial number of my 650, and got a $30 credit to spend at I got a new case for the 700p and only had to pay shipping (@5.95). Not sure of the web address, but it shouldn't be too hard to find.
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    I haven't bought anything yet. I was planning on buying the Treo Leather Lateral Case but I have a feeling it would arrive before the treo and I would be sitting here with an empty case, so I didn't bother yet.
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    I'm tryin to decide what case to buy as well but i'll save that for the Palm Cases Thread i saw somewhere in this place...
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