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    Hi Team

    Desperatly wanting to gain memory. So far got to 12.8M of 22.2M

    I think that goodlink requires me to have 14M free.

    items onboard still (extra stuff as well as usual out of the box 650 software):
    Backup Man
    Docs to go
    SplashBlog / ID / Money / Photo / Shop

    Looking at info the larger folder sizes are: (Things I activly use = *)
    backup man 120k
    Bluetooth library 239k
    BtStack 110k
    Butler 129k *
    Calc 122k
    Calendar 276k *
    Camera 186k *
    Carrier Customiz 118k
    Documents 383k
    Grafitti2Library 289k
    GSM library 233k I am on GSM unlocked in the UK
    H263LIB 131k
    HTTP libary 235k
    ImgFile 300k
    Media 368k *
    messaging 270k *
    MMS 320k
    NetFontLib 1346k
    PACE 182k
    Phone 749k *
    Progect 100k
    RealPlayer 193k
    SheettoGo 650k
    SlideshowToGo 399k
    Snapper 486k
    SplashBlog 443k
    SplashID 337k crucial for passwords
    SplashMoney 665k
    Splashshopper 377k
    SS_P2P 230k
    TFFS 183k
    VersaMail 712k will probably not need with snapper & Goodlink
    Web 453k
    WordToGo 800k
    Wp_P2P 195k

    So what can I delete?
    Should I move some things to SD card 1mb (lots of space)
    If moving stuff do I need to get LauncherX or something like it do help me?
    Please identify bloatware for me!

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    Can't you dump a bunch of stuff and restore it with Backupman after you install good?
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    oh... you should use that move docs to go to the card thingee (there's a thread somewhere that talks bout it)
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    Sure thanks Santa

    I read the thread about Docs to Go - I think it was referring to where data files were stored, not the program, I have moved these data files already to my card.

    I can not believe that as a "non power" user I have so little memory left. I did upgrade to 1.2 ROM last week and spefically left off all my contacts (that I was syncing from Goldmine) in preparation for the Goodlink to my new Outlook that syncs with my business accounts package.

    I will carry on trying to delete / un-installing things and see if I can get anywhere near 14Mb free
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    Just read Perry's thread and moved Docs to go to sd card and got another 4mb see this was brilliant - now at 16.5mb, will now try the Good install.

    Anybody know the thread that explains which items to install on the SD card to maximise avaiable memory? I could not find it on a search.

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