Over at TamsPalm....apparently based on playing with simulator.

Part 1


First a list of common apps and their versions:

* Bluetooth v.2.0(W)
* Bluetooth v.5.2
* Calendar v.1.3.1
* Contacts v.1.3.1
* Documents (with PDF) v.8.001
* Email (VersaMail) v.3.5.1
* FAT32 v.548.0
* Memos v.1.3.1
* Messaging v.2.5
* NetFrontLib v.2.0
* Pics & Videos (Media) v.
* Player v.1.0.1a11
* Tasks v.1.3.1
* VoicePad v.1.4
* Web (Blazer) v.4.5
Part 2



The welcome assistant has a new interface and some new features. It receives date, time and time zone from your mobile network.


The Media application is the built-in photo and video viewer. It supports slideshows, JPG photos, album management, several video codecs, drawing on an image and the version 3.x (TX, LD) also support slideshows with music or viewing EXIF information.

Now we have version 3.5 and a new interface. It doesn’t look much like Palm, but rather than a Media Center or something like that. It lists all albums and you can create new ones on your Palm or on the card. In the albums you can order images, view and edit them or create slideshows. Slideshows can contain several transitions, and background music is here supported, too.....
More "parts" coming , next one focusing on other apps with new interface.