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    I know that there are a wide range of calculators out there for POS. But I am a die hard HP RPN fan and came across this program and it would allow my T650 to replace the need to actually have a HP48GX. I installed the program and it ran for about 2 minutes...did a couple of calculations and then everytime I tried to use it afterthat, it caused the unit to do a soft reset.

    Has anyone else tried this program and had better results?

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    I haven't used it extensively, but I have used it quite a bit without any problem..

    I think I even loaded a few programs like HPSauce on there.

    I'm using a 48GX rom as well, I think I have a 128M memory card 'attached', otherwise not much in the way of changes.

    BTW, I realized about a week ago I hadn't touched my HP48 in about a year.. Scary part was I realized that there were still batteries in 'er, so I quickly yanked them out. Happily they were still good and hadn't leaked or anything.

    I miss using the HP48, just don't have the need for it anymore.
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    I used a Casio graphing calculator during A-Level Maths/Statistics at college and everyone else had the HP ones. I can remember going back to an ordinary calculator after using that for 2 years was soooo difficult.

    I thought about installing the Power 48 calculator on my Treo but found getting the HP Rom was a bit of a hassle. Does anyone have the files that I can install directly?
    HP Pre 3 (UK)

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