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    hello Treo 700 users:
    I am extremely frustrated with my Treo 650 and am on my fifth replacement phone due to frozen keys (have seen several posts in the 650 forum on this; no one seems to have a solution). My question is: have any of you had frozen key problems on the 700p? I am considering paying the money and buying a new phone because of all the problems with the 650, but don't want to have the same issues (but I love the Palm OS and am an old Tungston W user!). Please advise! Thank you.
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    um... is the phone even shipping yet?
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    Nope. No one has had any key problems with their 700p.
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    If, from a statistical and financial perspective for Palm, the 650 sticky key issue was large enough and they could isolate the issue to a manufacturing or supplier issue -- they may have corrected it in the 700 designs.

    Cheers, Perry.

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