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    Does anyone know if BB Connect will be included in any of the 700P's?
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    answer is NO.
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    I'm sure it is compatible... Right?
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    I don't see why not since it's the same OS. At least I hope it works...kinda banking on it for work.
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    Ed Colligan, Palm CEO, stated earlier this week that BB Connect might be available "on a U.S. carrier sometime this summer."
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    pssst. search the currently IS "available" in the US. You just have to download and install it.
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    I did download and install it but it was not the most stable running app. I am hoping an authorized version for Cingular will be released so I can trade in my 8700c for a new Treo. My 650 is gathering dust in my desk right now.
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    anyone get BBC to work on their 700p?
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    One potential problem I notice is that the versions of the software (Calendar and Versamail) that get automatically downloaded to your Treo by BBC are older versions than come on the 700P. Thus, I have been reluctant to try the install yet. Any thoughts on how to prevent installing older versions of these apps over the newer ones on the 700P?
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    Has anyone simply installed the BBC over the newer apps included on the 700? What happens? Does it ask you if you want to replace hte newer apps or does it just do it? That's my fear.
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    Alright, I broke down and tried it since no other guinnea pigs were forthcoming. The BBC installer did not finish and instead informed me after the first required hotsync that the required Palm software (older versions of Calendar and Versamail than included on 700) did not properly install and to try again.

    Any ideas? As far as I can tell this means that Blackberry Connect will not work on the 700P.

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