Hi all after spending all night trying to get my locked cingular Treo back from the 1.20 ena rom to the cingular 1.17 rom. I finally have done it heres how to do it
1. load the treo with the old fw 1.23 rom unofficial release
2. use the Treo 650 rom tool from www.grack.com/romtool ( props to the Author)
3. use the rom tool to edit the tokens to 1.15cng id
4. download and install the the 1.15cng rom updater( do a search in this thread)
5. now download the official 1.17cng rom and run it and after this your good to go your now back from the 1.20 ena rom

The reason i had to do this is that the 120 ena rom reaked havoc on the media player and the camcorder function. It caused it not to record or play audio from recorded scenes from the camcorder function