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    Don't want ya GF scanning your SMS messages ? .... don't want wifey wondering where all those new ideas came from ? .....don't want kids seeing what web sites dad's been surfin ? Don't wnt stewardess to see a phone application on ya PDA ?....

    ....hide your SMS app, Palma Sutra, browser, Phone app whatever with "Invisible"

    Invisible can hide any application from the launcher without deleting it, then unhide it whenever you want.


    * Hide any application in RAM or ROM.
    * Works with any launcher, including Initiate, Silverscreen, and ZLauncher.
    * Easy to use, intuitive interface.
    * Works on all Palm Powered devices including the Zire, Tungsten, Treo, and Sony Clie.
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    I used Invisible on my Sprint Treo 600 and it worked fine. ZLauncher I did not see it working with that. I just installed Invisible on my 650 with ZLauncher and it does not work. Ben
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    Curious. Is this any different from Obfuscate, which is free?
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