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    well, I havnt had any problems with my unlocked treo 650 (using t-mobile network) for the past 2 weeks.. I picked this phone up off a friend, so yes.. i'm the 2nd owner.

    Now, my problem is this.. sometimes when I try and connect to blazer/verichat it just wotn work, or when verichat opens up my buddy list isnt there and I can't access any pages on blazer.

    Now, even reseting the phone doesnt work.. although the 2 times it has happened i pulled my sim card out and put it back in the phone and then it worked.

    as for the phone itself, under phone info it reads:

    Firmware: 01.51

    Software Treo650-1.17-CNG

    Hardware: A

    do i need to update the phone? isnt there a 1.20 out or something?

    would this be causing the problem?

    any help would be great, thank you.
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    Don't reset the phone. This happens quite often after a soft reset - or when the Treo crashes and resets itself. Blazer will connect just fine, but then sit and do nothing. Simply turn the radio off and back on, and Blazer will work again.
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    the radio? how do i turn that on and off?
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    Press and hold the red Phone button.

    We use the term "Radio" to refer to the communication function of the Treo. You don't just turn the "phone" on and off, but turn on the phone, internet, MMS, SMS, etc.
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    mfacelle, I did do that a few times.. and it never fixed the problem.
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    I first noticed this happening on my 600. I called T-Mobile tech support & after he checked a few things, he had me turn the radio off & on and it started working.

    Try calling T-Mobile & see what they can do. Since they don't officially support the 650, you may want to lie & say you're on a 600. My guess i that if you say you're using a 650 they will say 'sorry, can't help you.'
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