I've recently been running my data plan on my 650 (on Sprint) and decided to connect my school email account to versamail. I found out on my school's webpage (University of Michigan - http://www.itd.umich.edu/e-mail/authsmtp/handhelds.html ) that Versamail won't work for Sprint and may only work on some other wireless networks. I found a friend who has a 650 on Verizon and sure enough, it connects to the email server without an issue, but when I entered the same settings, I could not connect to the server from Sprint. Anyone know why this would be? As you can see from the weblink, U of Michigan's Tech support provides less than helpful information. In the meantime I'm running a trial of chattermail (40 dollar for full purchase), but I would love to find a versamail fix. Can anyone help me?
Thanks Strawmanl