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    Quote Originally Posted by Perry Holden
    When you have the calculator on the screen -- hit the menu button and then select Advanced Mode, then hit menu again and select options:

    Weight / Temp
    I found the different modes early on, but since I'm not a real financial type, I couln't figure out HOW to use the financial mode. My wife has a Real Estate-specific calculator, and when she doesn't have it w/ her it would be nice if she could use mine - trouble is neither of us can figure it out. Anyone who can help? (the Palm online PDF user manual only shows how to get to the advanced modes - not how to use them).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stox

    I am a HP 12c user from waaaay back. Looking for something approach that class.
    A bit off-topic, but I still have a HP 11C from when I was in college (graduated '90)... What's amazing is to this day, I can pull it out of the drawer, and it still works like new, on the original batteries! Crazy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stox

    I am a HP 12c user from waaaay back. Looking for something approach that class.
    Google MathU.. or just click here

    I'm an RPN man myself as well.

    I run MathU on my 700p as I did my Visor Classic and Visor Prism.

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    Hi all,

    Just want to know if there's any setting that can be done on the treo calculator? I did this calculation and the result came out wrong.

    I am using the basic mode of the calculator.

    Type 800,000 times 3 % ... result 24000. Then hit on the minus sign... a figure of 19,200,000,000 appeared... without me hitting another number...weird ...

    Can anyone try it out and see if the result is the same?

    Could something be wrong with the software?

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    The calculator is doing exactly what you are telling it to do:

    800,000 x 3% = 800,000 x (800,000x.03)= 800,000 x 24,000=19,200,000,000

    Not a bug just a common error on the operator side when calculating percentages.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dmrfresh View Post
    Actually, if you go to the 'calc' app, just hit the right direction on the 4 way pad, and you can cycle through all the modes. Left goes back to the big-button calc. Pretty sure it was the same, if not very similar on the 300 and 600.
    Cool, never saw that one.
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    Anyone know how to "clear" using the Treo keyboard?

    On the 600, it was "shift" "c".

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    I am surprised no one mentioned this earlier in the thread.
    It was a great THREE part series...
    I too was amazed with the features of the calc, but I DID see the articles!!



    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
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    The current calculator is based on parens. The documentation for parens works for the current one.
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