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    I have successfully installed TomTom 5 on my 650 after some pain and thanks to one thread that Ive notice on this web site.

    Now, I m having a different issue. The screen blackout or screensaver timeout. On the Power options menu, we can define a maximum of 3 min with the screen ON.
    If I put the TomTom working without touch any key, after 3 min. It blacks out and when I click again the connection with Bluetooth had broken, and it take a while to get back on track.
    Any ideas how to solve this issue?
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    Hmm, I have had Tom Tom for a long time and never had that issue. I will research that, I think I have seen that before on this forum.
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    Found answer. You need to upgrade the software on the Tom Tom Website:
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    1) Follow the istructions in the "sticky" (Palm OS Apps section) to do the upgrade

    2) (Install a program like STOIC (STay On In Cradle) to keep Treo from powering off. I assume you have an in car charging cradle.
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    is the tom tom on a treo really worth it? I assume it depends on usage... but it's a pretty steep price.
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    Try this:

    It is meant for situation like this.

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    Ive upgrade the version.
    Im not able to find stoic application. can you ponit me the right direction ?

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    Where can I find STOIC ?
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    Find STOIC.
    Thanks for the help !!

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    See the "Last Best Utilities Thread" for STOIC and other useful apps.

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