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    I use Zlauncher mainly to save memory, by moving (almost) all my applications to the memory card.
    When I try to update an application, however, I face problems because the palminstaller is creating a "new" application in the t650 memory, and it does not update the one managed by zlauncher...
    I'm therefore wondering what is the correct procedure to update an application that has been moved to the memory card by zlauncher...
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    USe ZL to move back to main memory before installing update.
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    Actually use ZLauncher to move it to the SD card folder. Ben
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    To clarify... Tap-and-hold on the application icon, Move to Ram. Update application. Then tap-and-hold on the application icon, Move to Card.

    You COULD install the application directly into the ZLauncher apps dir, but its not a good idea.
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    So what would be the procedure for an app that needs to be deleted before installing a newer version? I would think the same, since moving back to main memory would delete associated saved & unsaved prefs upon app deletion. Correct?
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    Yeah, same.. Although I dunno what programs want to be deleted before upgrading, that would be silly, but yes that would work.

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