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    I feel like an *****, but here goes...

    I can find my "find" app anymore. I know the Treo doesn't have that silkscreen button, and I haven't had to use the PALM OS search function in a while -- so I haven't been affected by not seeing it...

    Today I needed to look up an old appointment in the date book, and for the life of me I cannot find the "Find" function anywhere.

    In desperation, I purchased Beiks' Find App. It's installed, I activated it, but STILL can't find how to get to the actual global search feature. All the Beik's Find App button does is configure and enhance the Palm OS's own global find function -- which I still can't get to.

    Can anyone help me here?
    Maybe I accidentally deleted one of the OS's files that handles this feature?

    Any help would be great.
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    alt (blue) shift should do it. (There is a little blue magnifying glass on the shift key)
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    FYI..if you've lost your manual you can download the pdf version from palm's website.


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    That was it... right in front of my face! Thanx

    And now I own another app...
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    Don't worry about owning BeiksFind; it is MUCH better than Palm's version. Will search for strings in strings, last ten searches pop up, etc.. Used it for years and all I want to know is will it work on Verizon 700p?

    Be well, all.

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    FindHack is better yet..

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