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    (this follows earlier thread where I asked about a workaround for rebooting w/o hard reset - check that thread if you want bkgd.)
    I got it to work! Found the workaround I was looking for on I had done the soft reset that Verizon told me about (as noted in previous thread) but I did not know about this other option of the warm reset that I found on

    Now another problem:
    the treo is booted, all my data is there, and I will run home to my mac asap to figure out what programs I need to buy/download/whatever to back this baby up.
    But first: the phone isn't turning on.
    Normally when the phone turns itself off (I've never done it purposefully) I get it to turn on by dialing any #, which prompts it to ask me if I want to turn the phone on.
    I did this now, but the phone doesn't turn on when I answer "yes". It just sits there.
    There must be a more formal way to turn the phone on that this clueless treo lover doesn't know about. Please turn me on. Thanks.

    FYI -
    here's the excerpt just on the warm reset:

    How to perform the four types of reset

    There are three four kinds of resets for Treo 650: soft, warm, hard, and zero-out.

    Warm Reset

    A warm reset is used when something is causing your Treo to act funny. You can sometimes use it to avoid That Endless Loop Thingie ("TELT"). A warm reset is like going into Safe Mode on your pc.

    To perform a warm reset, initiate a reset (via software, or removing the back cover), and hold the up arrow on the 5-way navigation pad as the Treo turns back on. When the Palm screen shows, let go and allow it to continue starting. At this point you can remove the software causing you problems if you know what it is.
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    You can turn on the phone by pressing and holding the red phone button (end call button)

    The warm reset is also called a debug reset as it does not notify applications that the system has been reset. You should use this reset to diagnose problems and to remove offending programs, but you should always perform a soft reset before using your Treo normally.
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    After a warm reset, ya need to do a soft reset to get the phone to turn on.
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    There's athread on the board here which explains all the reset types in detail....won't be on long so will have to find it next time in...unless somebody wants to pick up ball and run with it
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    Cingular GSM
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    Warm reset is a special mode in which vitually nothing gets loaded, including the libraries required to run the Phone application. The purpose of warm reset is, like you said, to allow you to delete the suspect application.

    Some programs, like Resco Explorer, which I use to backup my Treo, will run in the warm reset mode.

    In fact, I always do a warm reset to backup (and restore) the Treo. That makes sure that no important file is open or running during backup/restore.
    Cingular GSM
    Firmware:01.51 Hardware:A

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