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    I have a T65 case on my 650. Will this case fit on a 700p? The geometries of the 650 and 700p are identical, and the cutouts look the same. I know Vaja makes a 700 model case; but will the T65 work? Any thoughts?
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    I'm curious too. Did you look at the 700w forum? I just killed a half an hour trying to find a new vaja color combo again. It would be nice to use the old one but I doubt it.
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    I found that the Treo fit in there but the bottom buttons were really hard to press making the case unusable. I am going to end up getting a T7.
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    Hmm. Works fine for my wife although I did get her a new Sena case because it is significantly thinner.
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    I think the Vaja T65 is perfect on my 700P. Able to press all buttons just fine.

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