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    telesales just told me that the phone would be
    $679.99 regular
    $150 off with 2 year agreement bringing it to $529.99

    How did the $399 number come up? I see on the palm site stating get it as low as $399 but I can't follow through and find out how.

    Any insight?

    Does the $399 include the $150 for trading in an old 650 and the 2 year agreement?
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    I believe there is a $100 instant off in there some where.
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    I think the $399 price came from multiple discounts of $100 instant and $150 mail-in-rebate
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    I was told that the price came down to $549 with the two year new service agreement through sprint. Then you will get $150 off your bill afterwards....bringing the price down to $399.
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    Any bill.....I mean your sprint phone bill.
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    Sprint with a new plan runs at $549 for the 700p from Palm's site. There is no further discounts with getting data or a 2 year deal.

    Verizon with a new plan and a 2-year deal is $499 but if you get the unlimited data plan it's $399.
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    That's why I'm waiting for it to go on sale through Sprint and RS...

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