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    I acted like an *** and didn't back up my treo 650 (bc I don't know how, will have to figure that one out...) and after 6 months of blissful use - and plenty of phone data entered - I woke up today to my phone not working.
    Heres the list of events:
    - I went to bed w/ phone working (plenty of phonecalls, use, right before bed).
    - I plugged it in to charge as I always do.
    - I woke up w/ the phone repeatedly seeming to boot itself up (a screen shows "Palm powered"; and then a screen shows "Palm one" w/ a booting bar at the bottom; and then it goes back to the palm powered screen. This cycles endlessly.
    - I tried taking out battery as well as soft reset. It continues to do the same.
    - I spoke w/ Verizon (my carrier) who said the only option is a hard reset and losing all my data. (I asked how this problem happened given that I didn't drop, sink or otherwise damage the phone or system. They said this happens sometimes "when you charge your phone overnight". So charging your phone risks wiping out the entire phone contents?? That seems like a major malfunction.)
    Before wiping out my hard-earned data, I'm checking w/ you all to see if there's any other tricks of the trade to try to get this to boot up correctly again?
    This sucks.
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    do you EVER sync it with the computer? If so, then you'd have a backup.

    If not that way, then to a SD card???

    Otherwise, i'm guessing you are, um, up the creek!
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    Thanks. Figured I was screwed but worth checking first. No, haven't backed up as I said. I use macs and everyone I know kept saying its such a ***** to deal w/ macs and treo/palm - you have to figure out other intermediary programs first, etc, just to make it work; so I kept putting it off which I'm now paying for - unless there was another way to try to complete the reboot it's trying to do but not completing.
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    I got it to work! Found the workaround I was looking for on I had done the soft reset that Verizon told me about (as noted above) but I did not know about this other option of the warm reset.

    here's the excerpt just on the warm reset:

    How to perform the four types of reset

    There are three four kinds of resets for Treo 650: soft, warm, hard, and zero-out.

    Warm Reset

    A warm reset is used when something is causing your Treo to act funny. You can sometimes use it to avoid That Endless Loop Thingie ("TELT"). A warm reset is like going into Safe Mode on your pc.

    To perform a warm reset, initiate a reset (via software, or removing the back cover), and hold the up arrow on the 5-way navigation pad as the Treo turns back on. When the Palm screen shows, let go and allow it to continue starting. At this point you can remove the software causing you problems if you know what it is.

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