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    I am a long time Chatter user with Fastmail. Works like a champ. No issues.

    I have ordered a new 700p. EVDO for fast web access with unlimited Sprint data plan.

    So, I am wondering...

    Should I continue to use an actual IMAP email client installed on my Treo?


    Switch to a 100% online Webmail solution without any email client installed?

    What are the pros and cons? Jeff Kirvin thinks that gmail via the browser is great instead of a locally installed client. I am beginning to wonder if he might be right. He uses's Sharklinks to have an icon then mapped to the mail button to automatically launch Blazer to gmail and log him in. He sees mail in the browser but is limited with sending attachments I think. Not too bad.

    Anyway- just wondering what y'all think of an online Webmail solution instead of an installed email client.
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    Given a choice, it would be IMAP for me.

    IMAP off-loads some intellignce (?) and functonality to the client side,
    with the added benefit that you can also do some email stuff off-line.

    - scheduling of auto sync
    - email housekeeping
    - offline browsing
    - filters
    - multiple email accounts in a single interface

    and so on...

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