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    Placed two orders yesterday!

    ending number on one was 365 and the other one was 903

    So I estimate that in the space of two hours (proably less time)

    Palm took orders for 1538 phones.

    Also I would wager that Palm sold (took orders) more of the Treo's 700P than they did when the windows version of the Palm 700W was released. Am I on the right track??

    Hopefully this will be a message to Palm that they need to develop the Access Linux version with the overlay of our current Palm OS.

    As Perry says "Cheers"
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    I placed 2 orders the first ended with 521, the 2nd was 542. I canceled my first because of the developers coupon. Both of my orders show up as "order received", but when I just called Palm they couldn't find either order and said (I don't know how) the first one is canceled the 2nd one was in processing but their system hadn't been updated.
    Jimmie Geddes

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