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    oh sorry well I'll go run off a cliff now.
    Google is my Best Friend

    The Building of the Biggest Software Site EVER!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Insertion View Post
    Nice idea...if only new posters would read this. <done>

    Okay, I am n ew and I just read this.........., I will try to search first. Sometimes us ADD'ers have no patience to read through everything though
    by the way, your avatar is very offensive
    No offense.
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    apparently I'm one of those morons because almost every time i enter a keyword in the search box I get dozens of posts/threads with nothing to do with my keyword.
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    I agree, the search function is cumbersome. I have gradually become friends with it -- but most often -- I am using it to find a specific post of my own to link to the current thread. (Clean Install for example) Advanced Search works best for this -- you can select a keyword and a specific author.

    Limiting a search to posts (instead of threads) also seems to cut down on the clutter you have to wade thru.

    However, as in any situation, there are two sides to every story and I think both sides could be a little more accomodating.

    My pet peeve is when the answer, to the question asked, is 5 posts up in the same thread. . . . .
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