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    I am helping someone put TomTom on their 650 and it is clear the 256 card they currently have is not big enough. They are not going to want to have to load and unload maps from the card all the time because they travel quite a bit so if possible I'd like to load all available US/Canada maps. They are only using 20 Mb of their current card and I don't expect them to need much more room than what TomTom will need, what size card would you guys recommend? I'm hoping a 1 or 2 Gig card will do because I don't want to mess with the Fat32 stuff I've read about with the 4 Gig cards...
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    I did all of Europe on one 1 gig with room to spare. Europe being smaller but I am sure a 2gig card should be large enough. I have never loaded all of US at once cuz it is so simple to add and remove maps. I can understand if someone doesn't want to mess with it. Cards are cheap, it would almost be worth trading out cards for different areas.
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    I was considering just setting up a dedicated TomTom card for them in case they later discover the joy of MP3's or something but I don't want them to have to keep track of multiple cards and what to use each card for. I'm basically looking for the easiest method possible to get them as much data as I can.
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    I recommend a 2gb card. The US?Canada will take up over 1gb, which will leave a ton of room for music, movies, photos, etc. That's what I did.
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    I use a 2GB and that allows a lot of free space for other apps. I don't want to have to carry an additional card. A 1GB won't leave you much overhead.
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    After I installed TT (all US incl territories and canada maps) I had used about 1.1 Gigs of space on my 2 Gig SD card ...which will come in handy as I plan my drive next vacation from Hawaii to Alaska thru Canada, Puerto Rico and onto Guam.
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    I've got my region, midwest, and Major Roads maps both on my 512 with room to spare. When I travel out of my region, I just swap in/out out most relevant maps.

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