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    Will the 700P or 700w be more stable than the 650 I have now? It reboots all the time....and locks up....I hate the phone otherwise. Or is it the same issues? I think the 3rd party software is prob causing most of it but damn....I try to use more of the established companies like Agendus, RingPro, Beta's....

    It's so bad that I hate when someone asks to see the phone cause it never fails to lock up when trying to show it off.....
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    1. Have you tried a clean install on the 650? It cures most 3rd party software corruptions that cause reboots.

    2. Don't know about the 700W -- other than the rumors of being memory challenged in trying to multi-task.

    3. 700P is supposed to have a larger memory allocations in the stack -- which should give greater stability over the 650.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Larger memory could be a reason to upgrade.....better camera too....have to think about that one and see the deals that come out? Will all the chargers, stands, etc interchange? The bases the same?
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    The case style is slightly different -- so cradles will be a wait and see -- but chargers, cables and such will match -- they are the same connection.

    Larger memory stack.

    60mb vs. 23mb user memory

    and EV-DO speeds are the start of your list on improvements.

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