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    I'm very frustrated by the lack of cut and paste support by all the browsers and PQAs. Often times I am trying to copy a phone number or address from a place I looked up using a PQA or Browse-it or Avantgo and paste it into my memo or phone book. Any solutions. I am using VDX and JPsystems for PQA support.
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    PalmScape supports cut/paste.

    I didn't realise the others did'nt.
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    A suggestion:

    Use Diddlebug and the HACK Diddlebug screen capture. This allows you to take a picture of the screen so later you can copy the necessary infor from the site. Diddlebug also allows you to copy information to other programs including the clipboard.

    I just tried EudoraWeb. It does copy selected text to the clipboard. Another choice.

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    I seem to remember someone posting that they had a program that enabled them to cut and paste from AvantGo. Can anyone help? I'm not finding it at or in my visorcentral searches. I'm pretty certain that it was listed as a freeware item too.
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    with avantgo you can copy entire articles to you memo pad. You must have AvantGo 4.0 or higher. Then when on the page you want to save simply go to menu and copy. The page will be save to the memo pad.
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    Thanks! I would have never found that!!!

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