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    does anyone have any comments on the zcover skin?

    i currently have the boxwave skin which i like but i need a clip on it, i know boxwave sells one with clip but do not like clip design

    the zcover also covers more of the phone which i like, just wondering if the zcover is a low profile skin as well or one of those thick ones. the boxwave skin is not a sticky silicon feeling, its a smoother type material, wonder what zcover feels like...
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    It's the clip on the boxwave skin that made me stop using it. It popped off a bunch of times when I bent over and such. Plus it sits all floppy like. Not smooth and secure like Sena's. Not sure if I'm digging the zcover one. Does it cover the sd slot? And that clip just looks to be a bit too much. The boxwave I think is Kraton. The zcover is silicone.
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    i purxchased this horizontal belt clip

    i think it is one of the nicest ones out, grey soft velvet on the inside and an expandable strap on each side so u can force in a treo with skin on or crystal case
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