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    I have been a treo 650 user and have been unable to backup my treo on to my laptop despite repeated "reinstalls". I am now worried that i might lost my data (primarily contacts) and wanted to get all data backed up on an SD card.

    I would appreciate some help on the following:
    Is there a simple backup function inbuilt into the Treo/ Palm software (as it is in windows mobile devices) or do i need special software
    if special software is needed - can it come auto installed on a sd card - as my link with pc is not working
    I live in London, UK - is there a 3rd party service that i can use - where i can take my phone and get it backed up?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    I use BackupMan to run an automatic backup every night, and it works very well. I have never used the backup conduit, as BackupMan can do a full restore after a hard reset - useful if you're away from your computer.

    To install it without Hotsync, you can simply copy the .prc file to the /Palm/Launcher directory on the SD card, and then use the Treo to copy it into RAM.
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    NVBackup works great and it is free.
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