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    I don't mean to be negative - but I get really frutrated by folks who hate thier GSM treos. I'm the only one at my company with a Sprint 650 (because i bought it myslelf when these bozos were still using Blackberrys) - everyone else has Cingular. They all hate them. Most of them carry two phones b/c they hate thier treos. I told them to check sim cards and check the forums - but I'm afraid the GSM treos are giving us a bad rap.

    Anything else I can suggest for these poor souls?
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    Personally I love my Cingular GSM Treo. The only problem I had (and I had it out of the box) was an overly sensitive microphone that would "auto-mute" when it overloaded. VolumeCare took care of that one issue and it's been a true love story ever since.
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    This is kind of like "I don't want to sound stupid, but [insert some stupid observation here]..."
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    I had sprint for years w/ a treo and when we moved to a new house I didn't get service there (WV is very mountainous, duh) so after 18 months I broke down and switched to Cingular GSM. While it is nice to have service in more areas it's not near the quality of CDMA. The data is way slower too. I would switch back in a heartbeat if they would just move a tower closer to my house.

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