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    I dont know who else might be having this problem, but I'm subscribed to Yahoo! Music Unlimited To Go which lets me download songs right to my treo from my computer for a monthly subscription fee . Something that keeps happening, and it is driving me mad is that on some resets all of my licenses for songs I've downloaded get wiped, and I have to reload all the songs. It is a real pain . I'm running the latest pTunes 3.1.5, which gives the 'clear license' feature in the event that this does occur, but why, oh why does this keep happening? The resets dont seem to be triggered by anything in particular (One time it was because I hit 'ignore' on an incoming call, and once it was simply in its holster). Sometimes resets do affect it, sometimes not. Anyone have any clues on this or maybe a program that can help fix this?
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    I dont know if anyone uses this service or cares, but I got a response from pTunes tech support regarding the issue...

    "Unfortunately the 650 is very prone to crashes which corrupt the Saved Preferences. If you are losing the Registration Codes on some programs then that is definitely what is happening on your device. I have it happen on mine about 4-10 times a day. I can reduce it by deleting the saved preferences and allowing the Palm OS to rebuild it. I'd have to re-enter my reg codes again and as you've sen, re-transfer my Yahoo tracks. But in order to keep it in a state that some 650 users find themselves in, I have left it in the current stat of multiple crashes.

    The reason you have seen an issue sometimes and not others is that what has to happen is you play at least one Yahoo track, then the saved preferences gets corrupted by a crash, then you either restore an older saved preferences or use the new one that is created after the crash. In either case the copy protection failsafe is triggered and you get the license error. However, if you haven't played a track, get the crash, then restore format a previous backup that was AFTER the last time you played a Yahoo track, then everything would be fine. Make sense?

    Basically in some instances the circumstances are causing the copy protection failsafe to be triggered and in others it's not.

    The way I have gotten around this in the past is to backup the saved preferences a lot. But recently I have tried and purchased a program that has virtually eliminated the license error message. It's a program called 'Preference Doctor' from Basically it ongoingly backs up your saved preferences file. Then if a crash happens, it restores the latest one. In no way am I related to Hobbyist, in this case I am just a Palm user who had his saved preferences trash a lot so I tried this and it worked great so I bought it and haven't had an issue since.

    Otherwise, if your saved preferences is crashing occasionally, there will be times when you have to do the 'Clear Licenses' command in the Pocket Tunes Tools menu and delete all your Yahoo tracks and re-transfer them. But it should only happen when you restore a Saved Preference file that is older than the last time you played any Yahoo tracks (or connected to Yahoo)."

    So I've installed Prefdoctor, so hopefully this will help prevent some of those darn pref losses to keep this from happening as often. If i could get it to stop to once every 2-3 weeks, I'd be happy. Hope this helps someone since noone here had the answer.

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