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    About two weeks ago I got some Grip-It strips. They are multi purpose grip strips that you can stick on just about anything. The sheet containing the grip-it strips has a bunch of pre-cut pieces you peel off and can stick to anything. They are on my phone (at my desk), my mouse, and I put some on my treo.

    I couldn't decide if I liked the way they looked at first, but I certainly liked how they felt. They gave my Treo a good texture without adding the bulk of a traditional case.

    I was worried that these might stick to the inside of pocket, but they are firm enough that they don't really get stuck on my pocket at all. I don't notice any problems.

    As far as protection goes, they obviously won't help much in a fall, but they do help prevent a fall. In my mind, this is a good compromise between a bulky protective case and having no protection at all.

    The texture is pretty nice. Think of it like the rhino lining you would find in the back of a truck, except on a smaller scale of course. It's tough and just grippy enough to give you some extra protection from dropping.

    I placed the grip it strips about where my fingers are when I'm on a call. The picture above shows where my thumb is, and here is the other side, where my middle and ring finger go.

    And just for fun, I stuck some on the back battery cover:

    I took them off and put them back on several times to get them placed just right. They can be taken off without leaving a residue but they're still surprisingly tacky. One piece can be removed 5 or 6 times before it becomes unusable it seems.

    I'm a fan - one pack of grip it strips was enough for my Treo, my mouse, my desk phone, and some other stuff around my office (I went a bit nuts with it). They don't cost much, and provide a cool way to protect your phone.

    I got my grip-it strips from Here is a direct link grip-it strips

    They come in black and gray and cost just under $9 for a pack.
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    I bought Egrips at Radio Shack for $3.97 a pack. The pack contains general use (like your Grip-it strips) and come in black and purple haze that are said to blend great with the Treo. I have used them for couple of days and they are excellent.
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    I too purchased the egrips general strips in silver at radio shack. I put some on the side and the rectangular ones on the back of the phone where you palm contacts it. I keep my phone in my pocket, no case. After about 6 months, the strips are still on , but I have to keep cutting them down as they peel off a bit on the ends. I figure I will need a new set soon. Not the best solution, but certainly is better than no grips and at the price, hard to beat.
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    Has anyone used egrips as a way to better secure a treo 650 in a vaja T65 case?

    I like my Vaja T65, but found that after a while the treo can start to slide out a little too easily. To circumvent this, I have taken a thin 2 inch rubber bicycle patch and put it between the back of the treo and the case, but its a little tricky getting it in the right place when you put the cover on after a reset.
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    the battery door looks like the botom of my bath tub (except without the camera).
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    Quote Originally Posted by treozero
    (except without the camera).
    I was going to be worried there for a sec...
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    I much, much prefer these custom jobs:

    Buy 2 get one free when I bought

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