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    OK, i just put the CD in again, where exactly will I find Docs to go and anything else?

    The folder on the Mac is empty, when i run the installer in it it says that it is ready to put new apps on the handheld and to sync it. Nothing happens???

    I see nothing on the CD when i try to browse it.... HELP - what am I "missing"????
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    On my CD, I have and English folder, a Espanol folder , and an installer package. Under the English folder, there is Documentation and Essential Software, under Essential, there is all the "other apps".
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    Mine is blank/empty inside of the English folder. That was what was odd to me - WHY was it empty?!?!

    Guess i'll try it on another computer and double check.... LOL, figures!

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    OK, rebooted the machine and it worked on it. Whew.... no visit back to the store to get a different disk!

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    I've rebooted but I'm having the same issue with my install CD on my Powerbook g4.

    Is there any way I might be able to get you to send the install CD english items somehow? (everything was on there via PC but I sync using my powerbook...)

    p.s. I don't even get folders. the CD image is there, but when clicked on, there is nothing on the disc. No folders no install pkg, not even any PC items.
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    Treo Mac install CD
    get it here

    look for the folder called Handspring

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