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    It seems to me that one the greatest features of the 700P is the ability to use it as modem at "near DSL speeds." This brings me to my dumb quesiton... what happens when someone tries to call me while I'm using my soon to be purchased phone as a modem? Will I know of and be able to answer the call? Will I get knocked offline or ?? Thanks in advance.
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    If you are in an active data connection on the 700P and you receive a phone call, you will be notified as you normally would with the Caller ID information and the ringing. If you accept the call, the data transmission will stop, but you will not be disconnected (at least not for short calls). Then, when you hang up the call on the phone, your data connection will resume. So, in effect, you have a seemless data connection. It's not simultaneous, but it is very smooth.
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    Unless you are a Verizon user, and not in EVDO coverage. In that case, the call will go straight to vmail. I live in the sticks, no EVDO where I live but I love it when I travel.
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