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    I have a new unlocked 650 on T-Mobile network. I updated the firmware to 1.71 and software to 1.20-ENA but I am still having a problem. I have no other applications installed.

    The problem is, occasionally, when I dial a number and hit send, the phone just beeps at me once and goes back to the dial pad without connecting the call. I cannot determine any patterns as to when/why it does this. Sometimes, I can turn off the phone and then back on and the problem temporarily goes away. Other times, a soft reset is required, and sometimes even a hard reset. I've had good days when I don't have this problem at all, then have days where this happens about 10 times.

    It is quite annoying to not be able to make a call when you want to. Any help would be appreciated.
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    This happens occassionally with my Treo... and I have always
    attributed it to the carrier rather then my Treo. I keep redialling
    and the call normally goes through after several tries without
    switching the phone off and on again or resetting it.
    Game over!
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    Yeah, sometimes I keep trying to re-dial and it will go through. Other times, I dial endlessly and it still does not connect so I go for the reset.

    What carrier do you have?
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    Still looking for other opinions and advice. Thanks in advance.
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    Its a carrier problem
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    "Its a carrier problem"

    I don't believe this is true in my case, as a colleague of mine had the same problem, same phone, with different carrier.

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