View Poll Results: Would you like custom Treo 650 cases?

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  • Yes, Front only, upto $40

    2 14.29%
  • Yes, Front only, I'd pay more than $40 if I like it

    0 0%
  • Yes, Full (front & back), upto $40

    9 64.29%
  • Yes, Full (front & back), I'd pay more than $40 if I like it

    3 21.43%
  • No

    0 0%
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    Following the failiure of my "Paint my Treo" project, a friend asked me:
    "Why not make a new case from plastic?"

    Since I have good relations with some plastic manufacturers here, why not?
    Of course making one is too expensive, but if there is demand for Custom treo cases to substitute stock, I'll negotiate a deal!
    Imagine, a Treo with the US flag! or your favorite team! Of course you can have it in iPOD white or RAZR Pink (ooh that will sell)

    Just indicate what you think and if yes, how much are you expecting to pay for it.
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    Sure Id love one.

    Id pay $20.00 maybe 25
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    I just got the 'Verizon Holster' to replase my sh!tty seidio holster, and surprisingly, they are both equally terrrible. This holster fix's the scratching of the paint, but clip that digs into my skin.
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    I am pretty sure you could get 50-60 for a good set of full plastics, maybe with a better grip, carbon fiber or brushed aluminum front insert, internal antenna, etc...

    When you start making them, shoot me an email. I have some good ideas I am working on thet would be great for the second iteration
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    yes agreed, if you make them let us know and we can give you "custom" ideas.

    such as a reset hole in the battery door.
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