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    I have my Treo 600 since 2004. But the Treo does no longer turn on. I have then placed it on the charger to recharge. I left it there for 6 hours. While on the charger it does turn on. But starts like after a hard reset. I have to choose country etc and configure screen..etc...then when still on the charger it functions properly. When I take it of the charger and turn it on it works well. After a few times turning on it shuts off completely again. Pushing buttons etc has no effect. I tried the whole excercise again and again the same thing happens. I one time managed to sync it and all was back to normal for a couple of on and off moments (short after each other) and then again total shut down.

    ThirdParty Apps: I cannot look onto my treo to look if there are any third-party applications and dont know where to find them on my pc. However no applications have been installed or uninstalled recently (last 8 months)

    Does anyone....ANYONE....have a clue to what has happened and what I can do..... would be very very happy
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    Replace the battery. If unsure how, search this forum for "battery replacement." Good luck.
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    You cand find the replacement battery 'kit' on ebay pretty cheap.
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