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    Probably a simple question to anyone who already did and upgrade from one version to another, but all the software that was I purchased for my 600 (Lightwav, WebViewer, BackupMan, etc.) can it just be installed and run using the same license key, or do I need to use the same user name for the device so that these work? Or is there more to it than that?

    Thanks in advance.
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    And it should be pointed out the Windows Mobile Apps won't work on either the 600 or 700p The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    You will need to use the same hotsync ID for your license key to work. Also you will want to reinstall the apps manually to the 700p. Don't just hotsync to your old profile as there are files from the 600 that will mess things up.

    Hotsync your old device. Go into your palm folder and find the folder with your user name. Rename it to something else. Now Hotsync your new 700p and give it the username you had on the 600. Reinstall the apps manually and you will be able to use your old license codes.
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    Excellent, thanks for the help .... now where did I put those license codes for each program ... I saved a few, have to look in the "about" section of the programs for the rest.
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    Before installing your old apps, go to the vendors' web sites and download the latest updates. A lof apps for the 600 didn't work correctly on the 650 until the manufacturers updated them, so if you're still running old versions they probably won't run reliably on the 700.

    A more honest answer is that we really don't know. No one here has installed a bunch of apps on a 700P yet. I'd make the first install an uninstaller program. Then install your other apps one at a time, and test them thoroughly, before installing the next.

    And yes, use the same hotsync ID and license keys and you should be okay in that regard.
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    As long as you do a "clean" install and not an upgrade, most things should work provided they:

    1) are the latest versions:
    2) don't have separate versions for 600 and 700

    NOTE: because of the diffrent screen resolutions, there may be different files that get installed so this is one reason to install CLEAN.

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