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    Hi there,

    Can anybody help me with this problem, this problem has occured for a few days now, what happens is my treo's screen goes blank after a few seconds, all I see is lighted screen and then I am not able to do anything, the phone just stops functioning, all I can see is the bright illuminated screen and the keyboard lights, I tried to restart, change the battery, reboot etc etc, but havent been able to figure out what is going on. When I take the battery out and put it back, after it shows the Palm logo sometimes I see purplish lines and then the screen goes blanck. Same when I receive a phone call or make a phone call, it would stop in between calls or go blanck.
    It would be nice if any of you treo experts can let me know what is going on, thanks.
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    have you taken your phone apart? you might have left the screen connection loose, or worse, cut into the traces of the screen's ribbon cable. I have seen those traces cut by people using sharp objects to split open their treo.
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