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    I just posted a new BETA release of xWeather, a NOAA and YAHOO Weather Browser.

    Highlights of the new BETA include:
    • YAHOO weather as an optional weather source
      - Selectable per profile
    • Detailed forecast information (including % chance of rain)
      - Integrated in current conditions (scrolling text)
      - Integrated in forecast tab (tap on the day to see details)
    • Image Zoom
    • Treo center button support
      - Current tab pauses scroll
      - Forecast tab toggles detailed forecast
      - Image tab shows zoom control
    • Fully customizable radar and sat image tabs
      - Image tabs can be removed if desired
      - Image tabs can be set to default or custom
    • Additional customizable image tabs
      - Up to 4 more custom image tabs can be displayed per profile
    • Profile archiving
      - Archive a profile for later use (perfect for frequent travelers)
    • Profile Manager redesign
      - Supports user defined profile order

    xWeather feature list still includes:
    • Unlimited Profiles (Ok, lots of profiles)
    • Tabbed interface for easy one hand navigation
    • Current Conditions
    • 5 Day Forecast
    • Alerts (Warning, Watches, and Advisories)
    • Radar and Satellite Images
    • Weather Data directly from NOAA (They own the Weather Satellites)
    • Images can be Panned (Using Stylus or Fingernail)
    • Optimized for the Palm TREO
    • Customizable Weather Images (Specify URL in Advanced Preferences)
    • FAST jpeg decoding (native ARMlet decoding)
    • High Resolution (for Devices with Double Density Displays)

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    I was wondering if there could be a feature added that would export to Datebook?
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    Are there plans to provide an automatic update feature in future releases for profiles? This program is great but you have to update the profiles manually.
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    Cute little program, but honestly I don't think it's worth $12.95.
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    I am trying to use the default images for the radar and satellite. During the update profile screen both seem to load correctly however when I click on each tab the screen is blank. I tried both the beta and the stable and have the same problem. Both .prc files are installed on the device and all the other functions seem to work correctly.
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    Just looking at this and comparing it to 4Cast from shsh. They both have a pretty nice interface, but the quality of the maps on 4Cast is *much* better.
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    So far so good.
    Nice job.
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    Hey moxsi dudes....

    1.22b working great. Archiving profiles working great. The extra detail in currents is great. Accessing Yahoo and NOAA sites working great.

    Only need auto update for non archived profiles for the whole thing to be really great.

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    All seems to work well. The details and image zoom are excellent.

    I'll echo the auto-update request but also request the ability to control the weather. All of this rain in the northeast is getting old. ;-)
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    we need international cities support!
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