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    I have a sprint PPC-6700 and the PUSH Exchange Sync via OWA works flawlessly! It is something I must sacrifice to go with the Treo 700p, so I had a few questions:

    1) Does the new OWA Chatter Plug-in work as good as the PPC-6700 push sync?

    2) Does Chatter use SMS trigger (I don't want to pay for an SMS message every time I get an email)

    3) After checking out the chattermail website, it says that Chattermail 2.0 must be used and sold separately. Is 2.0 even out yet?

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    I have Sprint 650 with Chatter and the OWA plug in version 2.0.1RC2. I have been told that Chatter runs well on his Treo 700p.
    1) Don't know about PPC-6700 but when I at the office and have Outlook open Chatter messages are usually pushed to the Treo before they appear in Outlook and if not a few seconds latter.
    2) No you will not to use SMS trigger, Sprint Pushes message fine.
    3) I using version 2.0 Beta version, but I believe there is a stable version 2.0 also.

    When you get your Treo 700p use the trial version first to make sure everything works.
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    mariog7 - What are you using for push exchange sync on the PPC-6700? Just curious.

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    I am using and it works great.
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    After evaluating several mail programs including MyMail supplied from my carrier I decided to purchase ChatterEmail+ today. As indicated in this comparison chart Chatter provides more features than competitor products. It's also the only one that I found does what it claims, including providing true Push Email.
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    One feature that I like with my Outlook mail on WM5 / PPC6700 is when you type an email, a list of 2 or 3 words comes up that you can choose from (spelled correctly). Does Chatter feature something similar? Thanks.
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    I'm not sure what you're talking about, but it sounds like an OS feature.

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    Chatter does not have a spelling feature or predictive text built in. But Chatter does kick the living snot out of all other email programs including the blackberry connect. Chatter is the last one I tried, which included a year of trying to use the Versamial program that came on the 650. Why did I wait so long! Chatter gets me my echange mail before it even hits my outlook desktop and I have not noticed it slowing my 650 down at all.
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    Same here -- it shows up on my treo via chatter (IMAP) before my outlook shows it. Amazing.

    And, I am also bought SnapperMail and haven't used it for a while. The other day, I opened it to look for an old email, and it went online to check emails and I couldn't do anything else. I didn't realize until right then just how much I appreciated the true background ability of Chatter.
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