So, after having many problems with Zagat to go resetting my device, all of a sudden, and the phone intermittently coming on after a soft reset (a problem with Radio Control, I thought), i decided best to hard reset (the dummy I am).

So all morning I have been working on restoring my treo 650 (Verizon v. 1.04), and have Zagat to go working (although I need a new reg code), however, the phone still intermittently comes on after a soft reset. Now, however, I only have about 9.5 megs free, when I had over 13 free just yesterday (prior to hard reset).

What have I missed? I renamed the backup folder, and clean installed everything that was on the treo (my card remained the same), even to the detriment of not having all my reg codes with me.

I have Avantgo, docs to go, handmark express, pocket tunes, and launcher x (these are the big ones) on my treo. All properly set to use the cards.

I would appreciate any help, at all. I think this whole ordeal has made me go a little grey.