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    Is there an app that shows wich app is using at the moment the data transfer (Treo 650 / CDMA)? And / or also show the data usage? (besides Call Log)
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    No app?
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    You can try the TrafficStat application from
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    Except it's completely useless... It sees some stuff, misses others.. I only have 10M of data, but I wanted to stream a song to let someone listen to something and knew I'd only used a few megs that month and it was at the end of the cycle, so I did so.. And TrafficStat didn't see it at all, still stayed around the 1.2M it said I had used (when it was in fact more around 2.5m before, and 6M after).
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    And does someone have (good) results (interested in DATA traffic, not minutes, Treo 650, CDMA, as I said) with PhoneToolsPro Suite 1.43T?

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